I am never seen,
As loud as thunder,
Growing with every moment,
Until I’m cared for.

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I can be short and sometimes hot.
When displayed, I rarely impress.
What am I?

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Embrace Me

Sometimes I am loved,
Usually by the young.
Other times I am dreaded,
Mostly by the old ones.
I am hard to remember,
Also hard to forget.
And yet if you do,
You’ll make someone upset.
I occur every day
Everyone has to face me.
Even if you don’t want it
To happen; embrace me.

What am I?

(Submitted by Red Sam Rackham)

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Greater Than God

What Is Greater Then God, More Evil Then The Devil, Rich People Need It, Poor People Have It, And If You Eat It You’ll Die?

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A Couple

A couple sharing five a piece
Stretching, spreading, loudly meet
We are known to often calm
And yet were better known to harm
To help and build, our team of ten
Connects us to the minds of men
What are we?

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What is the question you can ask all day, and no matter what
the answers are, they would still be correct?
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Twenty-Two Legs

What has twenty-two legs and two wings?

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What has a bottom at the top?

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Hundred Years Old

What is a hundred years old and wears a hat that is only one day old?

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Six Legs

What has six legs, two heads, one tail, and four eyes?

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