Something Dead

Something dead sits on something alive,
That sits on something dead,
That sits on something alive,
That stands on something dead,
That sits on something alive.

Two Brothers

Two brothers we are,
Great burdens we bear,
By which we are bitterly pressed;
The truth is to say
We are full all the day
And empty when we go to rest.

Put on a Table

What is put on a table, cut, but never eaten?

Light as a Feather

Light as a feather with nothing in it,
A strong man can’t hold it
Much more than a minute.

Steal the Gold

In marble halls as white as milk,
Lined with skin as soft as silk,
Within a fountain crystal clear
A golden apple does appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.

Every Dawn

Every dawn begins with me,
At dusk I’ll be the first you see,
And daybreak couldn’t come without
What midday centers all about.
Daises grow from me, I’m told
And when I come, I end all cold,
But in the sun I won’t be found,
Yet still, each day I’ll be around.

House Full

A house full,
A hole full,
You cannot fill a bowl full.

Not In All

My first is in some but not in all.
My second in into but not in tall.
My third in little but not in big.
My fourth in pork but not in pig.
My whole is made in nature’s way.
For clothing, rugs used every day.

Ready for Work

You will find me with four legs, but no hair.
People ride me for hours, but I don’t go anywhere.
Without needing to be tugged, jerked or turned on,
I always manage to be ready for work.

Viewed with Esteem

I move very slowly at an imperceptible rate,
although I take my time, I am never late.
I accompany life, and survive past demise,
I am viewed with esteem in many women’s eyes.

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